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On-site Local Meeting Manager / Travel Director

Local, Professional, Prove, Bilingual (Korean & English) manager

With local knowledge and much experience, our on-site meeting managers act as reliable and efficient representative of your company and help manage your event in Korea according to your specifications.

Working on your behalf or assisting you, they proactively double check and finalize all prior arrangements, anticipate potential problems, check each function of your event in advance, and stay in constant communication with facility and service staffs.

They will allow you to focus on your objectives while we manage all the logistics of your meeting. From the registration through AV arrangements, they will seamlessly coordinate every and any detail necessary for your meeting.

Our Services include:

  • Confirm the food and beverage and meeting room set-up are executed as outlined in the BEO.

  • Set up the registration table & managing local registration staff.

  • Work with the client and speakers on-site to ensure they are satisfied.

  • Confirm the audio-Visual order is accurate.

  • Check in attendees as they arrive.

  • Distribute materials to attendees.

  • Collect evaluation forms; mail completed forms to client.

  • Handle any other details that arise on-site or as directed by client.

  • Connecting local meeting suppliers.

  • Support general interpretation in English and Korean with local attendees and staffs.

Local Suppliers

Want to find a great A/V partner, caterer or transportation service in Korea? How about gala performance to add a special touch to your attendee’s experience?

Pines Meeting’s partners have everything you need to make your Korea experience memorable, successful and hassle-free. We can find the right supplier for you and support you to make all the arrangement properly.

  • AV System / Technical Equipment

  • Ground Transportation

  • Guided Tour

  • Social Event

Staff & Hostess

If you has many Korean attendees or you have to work directly with local vendors, you will probably need local staff who have much experience and great language communication skill.

Our hostess team can ensure that your event runs smoothly and increase the flexibility.

With more than 10 years’ experience, they fully understand all the logistics of your event and can assist you during conference sessions, reception, registration, in logistics and supervision of your event. They are always welcoming and helpful to delegates in a friendly manner and can provide local information as well as event information.

In addition, with native Korean – fluent English language skill, they can help you to communicate with Korean local vendors or Korean attendees as a liaison.

Just one hostess or staff is all right for us so please do not hesitate to contact us.